The Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan Review

The Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan Review

Wow! I just stumbled across a really neat idea; it’s called the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan! I remember hearing about this pan when it was first being patented. Of course, this was a couple years ago, but now I’ve found it again!

This fun pan, invented by Matthew Griffin and his wife Emily, is a great alternative to the traditional rectangle, 9 x 13-inch pan. Unlike the traditional pan, the Baker’s Edge is different because each and every brownie from the pan is guaranteed two delicious edges! No more fighting over those renowned corner pieces! The whole pan has edges!

Bakers-EdgeThe best part is that this pan isn’t just great for brownies! You can bake brownies, cookie bars, bread, cheesecake bars, lasagna, lemon bars, cobblers, or pretty much anything else you like with that classic edge.

The secret behind the Baker’s Edge pan is in the design and shape. Unlike conventional rectangle or square pans, the Baker’s Edge has a new take on things. Traditional pans cook from the outside in. Since the pan is mostly middle, the outer crust can tend to be overcooked while the middle is still gooey or chewy. The solution is the Baker’s Edge. The Baker’s Edge cooks from the outside in as well, but because of its zigzag design, it cooks more evenly. In fact, you can bake at temperatures of up to 500 degrees! There are metal barriers between each piece (9” x 12” x 2”) so not only do you have the edges you love, but you also get a more even bake!

In the Baker’s Edge, you can still use all of your favorite boxed mixes and such. Also, baking time in the Baker’s Edge shouldn’t vary too much. The only exception is for recipes which call for a baking time of 40 minutes or more. These may bake a little faster.

The Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan, Perfect edges every time– what’s not to love? If that’s not enough, your pan also has slightly rounded corners for easy cleanup. It’s recommended that you don’t put the pan in the dishwasher, but a shot of some Dawn and a splash of water will surely clean it right up (thanks to that non-stick cast aluminium)!

I know that I’ll be headed to the store as soon as possible to get myself one of these pans and I can’t believe that I didn’t find it sooner. As much as my family loves those corner pieces, the Baker’s Edge will surely satisfy everyone and their unique dessert specifications!

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