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How To Freeze Cookie Dough

How To Freeze Cookie Dough

You’ve slaved away all day in the kitchen making an assortment of cookies. They cover all your countertops, each one more fabulous than the last! Sadly, as time goes on, your lovely cookies turn stale and crumbly and you must throw them out. Wait… what if you didn’t have to? You can make all the cookies you need and freeze the leftover dough for a later date!

Freezing cookie dough is a great way to make cookies ahead of time or freeze extra dough. You can have homemade cookies anytime, without having to spend a day in the kitchen! Freezing cookie dough is so easy and I find that it works with nearly any classic cookie recipe, just as long as it is done the right way every time.

Want to know the secret? I can help you out with that and by tonight, you’ll be freezing tons of your favorite cookies, storing them away for another day! The only limitations is how much-frozen cookie dough you can fit into your freezer!

1. Prepare Your Cookie Dough
Prepare your cookies dough the same way as you usually would. If you would like to bake some of your cookies (some people prefer freezing whole batches), do this now… in the same way, you usually would. This step is pretty simple.

2. Section The Leftover Dough Into Fractions
With all of your leftover dough, section it into small handfuls (note: the exact amount may vary depending on how much dough you have leftover or how big you want each roll to be. For instance, if you only want half a dozen cookies in each roll, consider putting less dough in each roll.)

3. Wrap It And Roll It!

Place one cookie dough section into a sheet of plastic wrap. Form the plastic wrap around the cookie dough and shape it into a log roll. Take your plastic warp log roll and wrap that in aluminum foil. This just further protects your cookie dough from freezer burn.

4. Freeze Until Needed

Place your aluminium foil wrapped log into a freezer bag. Label the bag with a date and the type of cookie. Freeze until you’re ready to chow down! Most cookie doughs will stay fresh for up to 6 months, but I’ve never waited for more than about two because I bake them so often! Grab a large glass of milk when you’re ready to bake these tasty cookies and slice off some dough from the roll for however many cookies you want. Bake them, remembering that the cooking time may take a little longer. Enjoy your lovely frozen cookie dough until then!…